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Introducing Nguzo Babies: a children's literacy and cultural edutainment company that offers creative online content, unique toy products, and THE BEST live shows for families through puppetry arts. Founded by an early childhood teacher to promote greater representation of Black children and artists, our beloved brand makes learning fun for kids and memories for families across the world. 

At Nguzo Babies, our goal is to create a world where children are not just learning, but thriving. We believe that the foundation for a happy, healthy life is built on the values of self-love, curiosity, and a lifelong love of learning. Our programs are designed to help families cultivate these values in their children, by providing a safe and nurturing space where kids can explore, experiment, and have fun. We also understand that childhood is a precious time that should be cherished, not just for the joy it brings, but for the lifelong lessons it imparts. That's why we're committed to helping grownups rediscover the joy of play, and to fostering a community where families can come together to support one another on their journey of raising happy, healthy kids.


Ms. Ashley

Ms. Ashley is the early childhood enthusiast and play advocate that's been in the early childhood field for over 20 years. She has served as a teacher, family helper, consultant and event planner. She is also an accomplished author of "All of Me is Nature: Exploring the Senses Outside" and the Kwanzaa 365 Curriculum. Her love of puppetry arts and early childhood pushed her to create Nguzo Babies as a learning tool and resources for caregivers everywhere, 

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