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Big Learning Fun for Little Ones: A Simple Play Activity Book for Preschoolers

At Nguzo Babies, we make learning fun with the best puppets that teach and the best stories that reach! This brand new activity book for preschoolers is an excellent resource for learning fun and building connections with caregivers. 


Authored by a seasoned early childhood educator, this book encapsulates 400 engaging lesson plans enriched with developmental milestones to ignite the joy of learning in your little learner.


Our book integrates our Nguzo Babies characters with short stories about each of our friends and then expanding on each character's interests with accompanying activities.


Each page of "Big Learning Fun for Little Ones" is a supplemental roster of activities  designed to nurture creativity, critical thinking, and social skills in the most playful and enjoyable manner. Fostering holistic development, these lesson outlines include both indoor and outdoor activities. From sensory exploration to early literacy and numeracy exercises, each activity is seamlessly integrated into daily routines, making learning an effortless and joyful journey for both child and caregiver. Many of the items needed for these activities can be found in or around your dwelling.


This is NOT a curriculum. It is a book filled with planned ideas for integrating more intentional learning with your child(ren) in a way that is feasible, afforable and impactful.


Physical copies will be available May 1st.  Preorder today at $35.





Big Learning Fun for Little Ones: A Simple Play Activity Book for Preschoolers

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