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All Around the World: Classroom Edition

Preorder your "All Around the World Curriculum" PLUS the following materials:

  • Play Suitcase for pretend fun

  • Seven Nguzo Babies Puppets and Collapsible Puppet Theater

  • Nguzo Babies Memory Game

  • Color Me World Globe 

  • 7 Country Wall Maps with country facts

  • 7 inflatable world globes

  • Swahili Language Cards

  • 28 Passports

  • 28 Travel Journals

  • Nguzo Babies Read Aloud Books


About the Curriculum:

 "All Around the World: A Social Curriculum" is a new learning supplement designed exclusively for curious minds aged 3 to 6. This comprehensive curriculum is a treasure trove of exploration, offering young learners a hands on approach to learning about ourselves and the world. 


At its heart, "All Around the World" fosters a deep understanding of self and others, beginning with the exploration of personal identity and extending to the rich diversity of global cultures; specifically highlighting many cultures of the African diaspora. Through engaging activities and thought-provoking discussions, children can gain a a sense of belonging and appreciation for diversity.


With a holistic approach to social studies and social emotional development, this curriculum unfolds in four segments:

  • Exploring Self: Building self-awareness and identity, as children celebrate their unique qualities and aspirations.

  • Exploring Family and Traditions: Learning about family dynamics and traditions, celebrating cultural heritage and familial bonds.

  • Community Studies: Cultivating community life and the interconnectedness of individuals and the importance of civic responsibility.

  • Exploring the World: Venture across continents as children discover the wonders of faraway lands, languages, and customs, fostering a global perspective and appreciation for cultural diversity.


In the discovery portion of the curriculum, children will learn about the different countries in Africa and the stories of this diverse continent. From traditional crafts to culinary delights, each activity offers a hands-on exploration of different African cultures. Students will then learn about additional global experiences with additional activities. 


Adding a touch of whimsy are short stories featuring our beloved Nguzo Babies characters, highlighting main objectives with each curriculum theme and providing room for discussion with little ones. You can use the accompanying stick puppets to bring the magic of storytelling to life, inviting little ones to enact the stories for more fun!


But the adventure doesn't end there! Use your play passport for a more interactive journey, adding country flags to keep track of your studies throughout the book and pretend play!  


"All Around the World: A Social Curriculum" is more than just a series of lesson plans—it's a passport to understanding, empathy, and global citizenship, empowering young learners to become compassionate stewards of our world. Are YOU ready for a social curriculum of impact like no other?


Packages begin shipment in early August. Order yours at our preorder rate for a limited time!

All Around the World: Classroom Edition

$800.00 Regular Price
$750.00Sale Price
Packages will be shipped early August!
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